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Filming Location Ireland?

Rumours have been circling that the Movie 'Artemis Fowl' (Mirimax Films) will be shot in Ireland and not Hollywood as was first thought. Colfer himself has said that he would prefer if the film was shot in Ireland.


Cameron Diaz may star in "Artemis Fowl" movie

Cameron Diaz could star in a film based on a book described as the Irish version of Harry Potter. The rights to Eoin Colfer's book Artemis Fowl have already been snapped up by Miramax Films and publishers Puffin.  Colfer has called the book Die Hard with fairies. The book will be published in the UK and US on Thursday, May 3, and is being tipped as the next big thing in children/adult crossover books.

Colfer's story features a 12-year-old criminal mastermind who kidnaps a fairy and ransoms her for gold. Colfer, 35, from Wexford has already visited Hollywood to discuss making a movie based on his book. He said, "I suggested Winona Ryder for the part of the fairy because I'm a  big fan and she'd be great for the part. The studio execs said 'Fine, but what about Cameron Diaz?' Apparently all the Charlie's Angels girls are hot at the moment."

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