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Eoin Colfer

14 May 1965, Wexford, Ireland

Stig of the Dump

The Great Beyond - REM

Silence of the Lambs


Colfer taught 10-year-olds in county Wexford until he was suddenly thrust into a new world of interviews and publicity tours. He is currently taking two years off while he works on a second Artemis novel. He plans a trilogy.

His Previous Books Include 

  • The Wish List
  • Benny and Omar
  • Benny and Babe

"I went to Los Angeles, traveled in limousines and was put up in big hotels but it was nice to come home to the real world," Colfer said, noting he regretted having to spend large chunks of time away from his family.

Colfer says he has no desire to move to Hollywood and is trying to persuade Miramax to film the movie in Ireland.

"All the locations I had in mind when writing the book are in Ireland," he said, noting the inspiration from Artemis' impressive home as a big manor in county Wexford.

It will take a bit before the literary world finds out if Artemis Fowl appeals as much to preteens as it does to publishers' desperately seeking another Harry Potter.

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EOIN COLFER is a schoolteacher who lives in Wexford with his wife Jackie and son Finn. He has worked in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy, as well as in Ireland. His first book, Benny and Omar, was published by The O'Brien Press in October 1998 and was an immediate bestseller. It has since been translated into German and Dutch. An hilarious sequel, Benny and Babe was published in June 1999 and was nominated for the Bisto Book of the Year award.The Wish List, a bizarre tale of life, death and an unexpected hereafter, has just been released. Eoin has also written books for younger readers: Going Potty, part of the Flyers series will be followed in October by Ed's Funny Feet, another Ed Cooper story. Eoin's unique blend of comedy and adventure appeals to adults and children alike, and have earned him a major deal with Puffin UK for his forthcoming fantasy novel: Artemis Fowl.

Eoin trained to be a teacher at Carysfort College in Dublin. After qualifying, he returned to his hometown to take up a post as a Resources and Learning Support teacher at Coolcotts National School. As a class teacher, he liked to end the day with ten minutes of reading to his students. "I'd find myself elaborating if I saw the interest flagging," he says, "I'd add in gory bits. In the end I made up my own stories."
Eoin is the author of five books prior to Artemis Fowl, all published by the O'Brien Press in Ireland. His first book, Benny and Omar, appeared in 1999 and instantly achieved best-selling status in Ireland. His next title, Benny and Babe, was another bestseller and was shortlisted for the Bisto Award 2000. Most of Eoin's books are written for the early teens, but he has also written two stories, The Funny Feet and Going Potty, for six-to-eight year-olds. He has also written plays for adult audiences, including The Lords of Love, created for his actor brother Donal. Fantasy is a strong theme in Eoin's work. He feels that here he has a strong advantage being an Irish writer - "our well of mythology is so deep and rich - we are steeped in shape-shifting and magical folklore".
Eoin's writing career was building very satisfactorily in Ireland, but no-one could have predicted the worldwide furore that surrounded publishing rights to Artemis Fowl. The book was the subject of a fierce bidding war, which was won by Puffin after ten days. Worldwide publishing deals followed, along with a movie deal from Miramax and Tribeca (the production company of a certain Robert de Niro). All this has been accompanied by a chorus of approval from those who have read the manuscript of Artemis Fowl. Influential children's bookseller Sonia Benster's response was typical - "It's so refreshing to have a different take on the fantasy genre. Such a gifted writer cannot fail to make a huge impact

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