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Interviews: with Eoin Colfer

When did you start writing?
My first attempt at proper writing was way back in 6th grade. I wrote a play for the class about Norse gods. Everyone died in the end except me.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from experience. My imagination is like a cauldron bubbling with all the things Iíve seen and places Iíve visited. My brain mixes them all up and regurgitates them in a way that I hope is original.

Can you give your top 3 tips to becoming a successful author
1. Practise Ė write every day even if itís only for ten minutes. Remember, nothing is wasted. Eventually your style will emerge. Persevere! 2. Donít submit your manuscript until it is as good as you can make it. Edit! Cut! Chop! Trust your editor. 3. Get a good agent Ė she will find the publisher that is right for you. 

Favourite memory
One of my favourite memories is from my wedding day when my wife and her 3 sisters lined up for an impromptu Irish dancing session. A precursor to Riverdance.

Favourite place in the world and why? Slade, a small fishing village in Ireland. Itís where I spent the holidays of my youth fishing and now I go back with my own son.

What are your hobbies?
My main hobby is reading, I even read the labels on jars. I also love the theatre and have even written a few plays. I have recently been introduced to parachuting!

If you hadnít been a writer what do you think you would have been? If I hadnít been a writer, I think I would continue as a primary school teacher. Kids are a great source of inspiration.

Interview extracts from Puffin Interview

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