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Artemis Fowl ID:

Artemis Fowl II

Place and Date of Birth
I was born twelve years ago. When I entered the world I was quite calm. I didn't struggle or cry. Even when the doctor smacked my bottom, my only response was to spear him with already focused eyes. The nerve of the man!

Deepest Wish
A difficult question, I have so many ambitions. Obviously the main one is to restore the family fortune, so reduced by my father's attempt to expand his enterprise into Russia.

Most Treasured Possession
Can a person be a possession? Well, if so, my dearest possession is my bodyguard, Butler. Without him I would have perished a dozen times over. Butler makes my more dubious enterprises possible by his physical presence. In other words, he's big and he scares people.

You visited many locations around the world in your quest for the Fairy Book. Which was your favourite location and why?
On my quest for the Book, I was totally obsessed. Scenery meant nothing to me. I regret not paying more attention now, of course. If I had to choose a favourite place, I would say Fowl Manor. A cliché, I know, but home is where the hidden reserves of gold are.

How long did it take to crack the Fairy Code?
Ah yes, cracking the code. One of my better moments. It is so satisfying to achieve something that has flummoxed the greatest minds throughout the centuries. Anyway, how long did it take? Fourteen of the most intense hours of my life.

Who scared you the most: the LEPrecon unit or the troll?
I really must object to the word scared. Analytical minds do not get scared. I was concerned by these things. Of the two, I would say the troll concerned me most. He would as soon eat a fool as a mastermind. It's all meat to him.

What do you do when not on your computer?
I do tend to spend too much time on my computer. I occasionally stroll through Saint Stephen's Green Park in central Dublin simply to observe human nature. If I am to exploit people, best to know what they are capable of. I am trying to persuade Butler to teach me self-defence, but he insists that defence is his job.

Any ideas what your next adventure will be?
I plan to avoid adventures if at all possible. Too much running and jumping. Planning is more my style. I have some major deals planned for the immediate future. Butler managed to obtain some fairy technology, which I plan to sell. There is only one thing that would persuade me to embark on an adventure of any kind. That is if my father were to be located alive. For that I would travel to Russia immediately …

Extracts from Ottakars Books uk


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