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Welcome Mud People to the Artemis Fowl Fun Site          unnoffical site

Artemis Fowl Voting Poll

There's been so much controversy over 'Cameron Diaz' and 'Winona Ryder' taking the part of Holly Short in the upcoming movie, we don't know what to think. We though it would be fair if we gave you all a wider selection to consider. Although we wont ultimately decide who plays Holly Short, we thought it would be nice to see what the fans think. Final Results at the end of June will be sent to Eoin Colfer. So maybe we can still make a difference! (Although rumors have been floating around that casting has been completed.Ed)

So as you can see the poll is on your left, but before you click away. Take a look below at photos of each of these actresses so you can be sure of your choice and assign a face to the names which may not be familiar to all of you.  Now the images below are only a few of the possible faces of Holly Short. We've narrowed down the list quite a bit to focus only on American Actresses. But If you have an alternative actress you think should play the part, click here and email us now, we will remember you if you are proved right. 

Holly Short Web Poll
Who Should Play Holly Short?

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Others that Could be Holly......

Julia Stiles,Sandra Bullock,Gwenyth Paltrow,Heather Graham,Alexa Vega
,Holly Hunter.....

If you have an alternative actress you think should play the part, click here and email us now, we will remember you if you are proved right. 


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